Monaghan Association – Dublin, presents:

Remembering Patrick Kavanagh – 2016.

A celebration of his life & times

Buswells Hotel, Dublin, Tuesday, 8th November, 2016.


  • Patrick Kavanagh was born in 1904 in Mucker, Inniskeen, Co Monaghan. He lived and worked here ‘till 1939 when he moved to Dublin to become a full time writer. He said it was “the worst mistake of my life. I had my comfortable little holding of watery hills beside the Border. What was to bate it for a life? The Monaghan-Armagh-Louth border was not a severe test for a true stayer carrying top weight….”

Inniskeen and surrounding areas became part of the Border region with Northern Ireland after partition and it is this feature that gives Monaghan and other border areas their unique culture.

Professor Mary E. Daly will examine how these events have influenced the cultural and economic prosperity of these border regions.

  • Patrick Kavanagh first met Katherine Barry Moloney in London in 1959. Katherine was 31 and Patrick was 55. They had been introduced by Anthony and Thèrèse Cronin, friends of both. Katherine’s mother was the eldest sister of Kevin Barry, the 18 year old medical student who was hanged in 1920 during the war of Independence. Following a year in Paris Katherine moved to London in the mid-fifties and through her friendship with the Cronins and Leland Bardwell began mixing in a circle of artists and writers. Katherine and Patrick were married on 19th April, 1967, seven months before Patrick died. Katherine’s sister Mary married Padraig O’Halpin, an engineer and published poet [The Bell], and it was in this milieu that Eunan O’Halpin grew up.

Professor Eunan O’Halpin will describe growing up in those times and recall a past generation which was part of Bohemian Dublin.

Programme 2016 : Tuesday, 8th November, 2016


  1. Kavanagh Country : A Border Community

By : Mary E. Daly

Professor of History, UCD and first woman president of

The Royal Irish Academy.


  1. The Moloney Family & Bohemian Dublin

By : Eunan O’Halpin

Professor of Contemporary Irish History, TCD.


Venue :               Buswells Hotel, Molesworth St. Dublin 2

Date & Time :   Tuesday, 8th November, 2016 @ 8 pm

Admission:        €10  [ pay at door ]