Programme 2018

Monaghan Association – Dublin, presents: 

Remembering Patrick Kavanagh – 2018.

Celebrating 20 years Remembering Patrick Kavanagh in Dublin.  

Buswells Hotel, Dublin, Tuesday, 23rd October, 2018.



Réamonn Ó’Donnchadha is author of “A True Note on a Slack String” [The Poetry of Patrick Kavanagh & the Psychology of C. G. Jung], “Chopin’s Grave [Poems] and other works on Developmental Psychology.

  • The presentation by Réamonn Ó’Donnchadha seeks to bring the wisdom of Kavanagh into the room, into the audience, individually and collectively, through the unadorned and uncontaminated words of his poetry. It is the act of hearing the words, the sounds and tones of his words, which brings them to life, and allows us to respond according to our own individual “Self”.

Peter McDonnell will give an account of this trip to Rome with photos from the Kavanagh Archive in UCD.

  • In October, 1965 Patrick Kavanagh attended the European Community of Writers General Meeting in Rome. The other Irish writers present were Desmond O’Grady and Kate O’Brien. Writers of all the European countries as well as the Eastern block countries including the Soviet Union attended. While in Rome Patrick Kavanagh stayed with the O’Grady family. He loved Rome and felt part of an international community of writers and artists. He was in his element, happy being respected as a major Irish Poet without having to play a role.

Eoghan Harris is a journalist, former RTE producer [7 Days, Feach], Abbey Theatre playwright [Souper Sullivan], screenwriter [Sharpe] and has also worked as a speechwriter for Mary Robinson and David Trimble. He currently writes a weekly column for the Sunday Independent.

  • Eoghan Harris will present on Reflections on patriotism and nationalism in the work of Patrick Kavanagh.



1    A True Note on a Slack String”

The Illumination of Self through reading Patrick Kavanagh’s Poetry Aloud     

By: Dr Réamonn Ó’Donnchadha

Teacher, writer, poet and Jungian psychotherapist .


2   “Patrick Kavanagh in Rome” October, 1965

By: Peter McDonnell

Chairman, Monaghan Association – Dublin.


3   In Memory of Brother Michael”

Reflections on patriotism and nationalism in the work of Patrick Kavanagh

By: Eoghan Harris

Journalist, playwright, and former RTE producer.

Venue: Buswells Hotel, Molesworth St. Dublin 2


Date & Time:  Tuesday, 23rd October, 2018 @ 8 pm


Admission: €15  [pay at door]