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Pat Kavanagh - Wild with Pat Show
Pat Kavanagh produces and presents the most successful wildlife radio show on community radio (Liffey Sound 96.4fm) in Ireland. Pat created and developed the idea for a general wildlife show which he presents every sunday for one hour. With a lively mix of news and stories from outdoors the show is a must listen for anyone interested in Ireland's wilderness. Together, Pat and Vinny are Ireland's most experienced underwater imaging team.

Basking Shark Radio Show - listen here

shearwater by patrick kavanagh
Shearwater and inset - looking underwater for food
Picture: Patrick Kavanagh

vinny with basking shark
Vinny filming Basking Shark
Picture: Patrick Kavanagh

pat swimming alongside a whlae shark - Darwin - Galapagos
It doesn't get much more exciting than this! Pat swimming alongside a 50ft whale shark underneath Darwin Island, Galapagos. Picture: Vinny Hyland